What drives me now!

After starting in the golf business in 1965 at Par-Mor, a unique golf operation in East Lansing, Michigan, I finally called it quits in 2012.  I reflected back on my career and said, “not bad, time to retire.”

Then an opportunity arose for my wife and me that has given us more satisfaction than any other challenge in life before.

We purchased a bank owned golf course in west Traverse City named Bay Meadows.  First, we changed the name to Bay Meadows Family Golf Course.  This was the 5th golf course  I had owned but this time, no partners.

What has happened the past 8 years since we have owned Bay Meadows Family Golf Course is truly remarkable. We made major upgrades to buildings and turf equipment. I started to remodel the golf course, add new tees and improve playing conditions.  That was received well by the public and rounds and driving range play dramatically increased.

What we didn’t know is what would happen to the attached Learning Center when we hired two outstanding teaching professionals.  By student demand, we tripled the size of the Learning Center and opened in April of 2017.  In December 2017 we started another new addition that will assist our staff and students.

Traverse City Junior Golf Association has been operating a wonderful lesson and tournament program for over 36 years. They now have their office at the Learning Center. TCJGA is over 300 family members and together we present golf to over 2,100 children a year. Amazing!

With this as a cornerstone for success, we now boast the finest junior golf program in Michigan.  In 2019, one of my golf professionals, Scott Wilson was presented the National PGA of America award for Youth Development 2019.

My Bay Meadows operation now has four members of the PGA of America, with the recent addition of Lucas Baumann in April 2021.

I encourage you to visit the Bay Meadows Family Golf Course website and Facebook page to get a better understanding of our junior program.

Our Mission Statement
To provide golfers of all ages and abilities a facility that can deliver an affordable opportunity to experience the joys and challenges of the ‘greatest game’.

Bay Meadows Family Golf Course Clubhouse